You know how many small business owners are often frustrated by the lack of motivation, poor work ethic and drama employees bring into the work environment?

Well, what I do is help the small business owners and their employees transform the specific workplace communication issues getting in the way of a positive, productive & most importantly, more profitable work environment.

Below is one of our small business clients speaking about how improving workplace communication transformed their company:

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Skip talks with host Dennis
Kneale about improving
workplace communication by overcoming The 7
Deadliest Communication Sins

Skip is quoted extensively in this Forbes.com article about
how to get co-workers to work better together in the workplace! skipweisman_quoted_in_Forbes.com_story_on_workplace_communication

Skip’s most recent blog article republished byEntrepreneur Magazine about the
two things small business owners should be communicating in the workplace for greater employee motivation!


Watch & Listen to Skip’s Clients Talk About How They Improved Organizational Performance With His Help to Improve Leadership & Communication in their Workplace…

Herb Satterlee, CEO, talks about the value of Skip customizing the training of his senior management team in October, 2013!

Herb Satterlee,CEO
MDA Information Systems - Gaithersburg,MD

Marianne Saccoccio discusses the transformation in her workplace after just a few weeks of leadership communication training and coaching!

Marianne Saccoccio, Administrative Executive
Flannery Animal Hospital - New Windsor, NY

Steve Miccio Explains Why He Keeps Coming Back To Workplace Communication Expert Skip Weisman

Steve Miccio, Executive Director
PEOPLe, Inc. - Poughkeepsie, NY

Joe Beccalori, CEO, Interact Marketing New Windsor, New York

Joe Beccalori, CEO of Interact Marketing, a firm expert in online reputation management based in New Windsor, New York, talks about the results his  achieved from working with Skip Weisman to improve leadership communication at his company:

www.InteractMarketing.com / 888-418-4683

Libby Wagner recommends Skip Weisman to improve teamwork at your company:

Libby Wagner, President
Professional Leadership Results, Inc. - Seattle, WA

Tom Weddell Shares The Results His Firm Gained With Skip Weisman's Leadership Program

Tom Weddell, Managing Partner
Vanacore, DeBenedictus, DiGovanni & Weddell, CPAs - Newburgh, NY
www.VDDW.com - 75 employees

Linda MacFarlane, Columbia-Greene Federal Credit Union President/CEO, discusses how Skip's work transformed her senior leadership team and improved employee motivation and engagement:

Linda MacFarlane,President/CEO
Columbia-Greene Federal Credit Union - Hudson, NY

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